When In Japan, Try These 6 Various Noodle Types

 All image Courtesy: Unsplash

Noodles In Japan

Japan is renowned for its diverse and delicious noodle dishes, each with unique flavors, ingredients, and regional variations.

What To Try?

Here are some must-try noodle types when visiting Japan:

1. Ramen

Ramen is perhaps the most internationally recognised Japanese noodle dish.

2. Udon

Udon noodles are thick, chewy, and made from wheat flour. They are typically served in a mild, savory broth and can be enjoyed hot or cold.

3. Soba

Soba noodles are thin and made from buckwheat flour, giving them a distinctive flavor and texture.

4. Somen

Somen are very thin, white noodles made from wheat flour. They are often served cold, especially during the hot summer months

5. Shirataki

Shirataki noodles are made from the konjac yam and are extremely low in calories.

6. Kishimen

Kishimen are flat, wide udon noodles, typically served in a hot broth with various toppings.

Whether you prefer your noodles hot or cold, in a broth or stir-fried, there's something for everyone to enjoy in Japan.