These Are The 8 Indian Railways Zones & Their Headquarters

Indian Railway Zones

These zones cover various regions across India and are responsible for managing railway operations in their respective territories.

1. Northern Railway

With its headquarters in New Delhi, this zone oversees a vast network of rail routes

2. North Eastern Railway

Nestled in the city of Gorakhpur, the North Eastern Railway Zone caters to the northeastern part of India

3. Northeast Frontier Railway

Perched amidst the picturesque landscapes of Guwahati, the Northeast Frontier Railway Zone serves as the gateway to the northeastern states

4. Eastern Railway

The Eastern Railway Zone has its headquarters in Kolkata

5. Southern Railway

Covering states like Tamil Nadu, Kerala, parts of Karnataka, and Andhra Pradesh, it has its headquarters in Chennai

6. Central Railway

The Central Railway Zone has its headquarters in Mumbai CSMT

7. Western Railway

Its headquarters at Churchgate epitomizes the synergy between urban development and rail infrastructure.

8. North Western Railway

Nestled amidst the royal heritage of Jaipur is the North Western Railway Zone