Take These 6 Monsoon Road Trips From Pune

 All image Courtesy: Unsplash

Monsoon Magic In Pune

Monsoon is a great time to explore the lush greenery and scenic beauty around Pune.

Where To Go?

Here are some wonderful monsoon road trips you can take from Pune:

1. Lavasa

A planned hill city with beautiful landscapes, lakes, and adventure activities. The drive itself is scenic, especially during the monsoon.

2. Mulshi Dam

Offers stunning views of the dam, surrounded by green hills and waterfalls. It's a peaceful spot ideal for a quick getaway.

3. Tamhini Ghat

Known for its breathtaking views, waterfalls, and green surroundings. The drive through the ghat is particularly beautiful in the monsoon.

4. Bhandardara

Offers beautiful sights like Randha Falls, Arthur Lake, and the Wilson Dam. It's also a great place for camping and enjoying the serene environment.

5. Kaas Plateau

Known as the "Valley of Flowers" of Maharashtra, the plateau blooms with a variety of flowers in the monsoon

6. Malshej Ghat

The monsoon enhances the beauty of this place, making it a paradise for nature lovers.

These trips offer a mix of adventure, natural beauty, and tranquility