Inside Nimrat Kaur's Vacay To Khimsar Sand Dunes Village In Rajasthan

Nimrat Kaur Heads To Rajasthan

Actress Nimrat Kaur flew to her "janmabhoomi" or birthplace, Rajasthan. 

See You In 1 Month Bombay! 

She shared a pic from her IndiGo flight on her way to Rajasthan. She will be back in Mumbai in a month. 

A Fun Road Trip 

Soaking in the beauty of Rajasthan, Nimrat went on a road trip. 

A Mandatory Pit Stop 

Nimrat Kaur made a mandatory pit stop during her road trip to fuel up. 

Parathas, Chai & More 

She enjoyed a plate of parathas and dahi with a cup of chai and Parle-G biscuits at Khimsar Sand Dunes Village. 

Garam Garam Parathas 

Nimrat enjoyed garam garam paratha and cooled it down by blowing cool air on it. 

Sunset  Time 

She shared a shapshot of the beautiful sunset in the sandy, arid terrain. 

Do you want to visit Rajasthan like Nimrat Kaur?