Hansika Motwani Ticks Playing With Dolphins Off Her Bucket List; Cute Pics Inside!

Hansika Makes New Friends

Hansika Motwani shared cute pics of her "new friends". During her vacation she played with dolphins. 

She Ticked Dolphins Off List 

The actress ticked playing with dolphins off her wish list. 

The Actress Is All Smiles 

The water baby unleashed her inner child  as she got kissed by two cute dolphins. 

Hansika, The Free Spirit 

Dressed in her boho look, the actress soaked in the sunshine and chilled vibes. 

She Is An Adventurous Soul

Earlier, the celebrity went paragliding in the mountains. 

A Foodie & Traveller! 

Hansika Motwani is also a major foodie who loves ice creams. 

An Animal Lover! 

Hansika is an animal lover who adores puppies and even dolphins. Her Insta handle is proof! 

Are you an adventurous soul like Hansika?