Do You Know These Are The Best Liquors To Use For Cooking?

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There are several types of liquor that are commonly used in cooking to enhance flavours in various dishes

Liquors To Cook

When using liquor in cooking, it's important to remember that the alcohol will cook off during the process, leaving behind the flavour.

Flavours Stay Behind

Some of the best liquors to use for cooking include:

Which To Use?

Red wine is often used in savoury dishes like stews, braises, and sauces, while white wine is used in lighter dishes such as seafood and poultry.

1. Wine

Brandy is often used in sauces and desserts, adding depth and richness to dishes

2. Brandy

Whiskey can be used to add a smoky, robust flavor to dishes like barbecue sauces, marinades for meats, and even desserts

3. Whiskey

Rum is commonly used in desserts like rum cakes and flambéed bananas foster. It can also be used in marinades for meats

4. Rum

Vermouth is often used in sauces and marinades, particularly in French cuisine.

5. Vermouth

Which liquor do you use for cooking?