Chef Ranveer Brar Dropped The Best Way To Use Leftover Dal With A Delicious Dal Paratha Recipe

Best Way To Use Leftover Dal

Do you have leftover dal at home? Then we have found the best way to use it!

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Dal Paratha By Ranveer Brar 

Chef Ranveer Brar has shared his ‘pushtani paronthe ki recipe’ made using leftover dal, and it looks absolutely amazing. 

Make It Yourself 

So, to make sure you try out this recipe at home, we have given a complete breakdown of this recipe. 


1 ½ cups remaining dal 2 cups whole wheat flour ½ inch peeled and grated ginger 3-4 grated garlic cloves 2 tbsp chopped coriander leaves 1 tsp pickle oil

Credits: Canva 

Here’s How You Can Make It

1. To begin with, sieve the leftover dal to make sure no large lumps are made. 2. Next, add in the flour and start kneading it well.

Continue Following These Steps

3. Add ginger, garlic, fresh coriander leaves, and some pickle oil to the flour mix, and knead it until soft. 4. Then, cover it with a muslin cloth and keep it aside to rest for a while.

Time To Make Dal Paratha

5. Now, take a lemon-sized ball and flatten it well. Add pickle oil and close it again. 6. Roll it in any shape and place it on a tawa. 7. Cook it well from both sides until golden brown.

Serve With Butter & Achar

And that’s it, your paratha is ready to be enjoyed! Serve it with some butter and achar for that extra yummy taste!