6 Ways To Reuse Your Empty Alcohol Bottles

 All image Courtesy: Unsplash

Repurposing Empty Alcohol Bottles

Empty alcohol bottles can be repurposed in various creative and practical ways.

How To Do That?

By repurposing empty alcohol bottles, you can create a wide range of useful and decorative items:

1. Bird Baths

Stack and glue bottles together to form the base of a bird bath, topping it with a shallow dish.

2. Vases & Planters

Transform bottles into stylish vases for flowers or planters for small plants.

3. Fairy Light Bottles

Fill the bottles with string lights to create beautiful light decorations.

4. Storage Containers

Use them to store liquids like oils or homemade sauces, or dry items like rice or pasta.

5. Message In A Bottle

Write a heartfelt message and place it inside the bottle for a unique gift

6. Soap Dispensers

Add a pump to the bottle top and use it as a soap or lotion dispenser.

Reducing waste and addi a personal touch to your home and garden.