6 Places To Visit In Kashmir Which Boast Of The Most Lush-Green Valleys

 All image Courtesy: Unsplash

Valleys In Kashmir

Kashmir is renowned for its stunning landscapes and lush green valleys.

Where To Visit?

Here are some of the most beautiful valleys in Kashmir that are especially verdant and picturesque:

1. Pahalgam

Located at the confluence of the Lidder River and Sheshnag Lake, Pahalgam is known for its lush meadows, dense forests, and the Lidder Valley.

2. Yusmarg

A serene and lesser-known destination, Yusmarg is surrounded by pine forests and lush green pastures.

3. Aru Valley

Located near Pahalgam, Aru Valley is known for its scenic meadows, lush green landscapes, and tranquil ambiance.

4. Betaab Valley

t=This valley is known for its lush greenery, crystal-clear streams, and picturesque landscapes.

5. Gurez Valley

An offbeat destination, Gurez Valley is known for its untouched beauty, green meadows

6. Lolab Valley

Lolab Valley is characterized by its verdant meadows, dense forests, and clear lakes.

These valleys in Kashmir offer some of the most lush and breathtaking scenery