5 Ways To Use Bread Crumbs To Amp Up Your Dishes

Bread crumbs are one of the magic ingredients found easily in the kitchen. 

Magic ingredient

It can actually help you to amp up your simple dishes. Wondering how? TAP to know!

Amp up your dish

Are you making fried chicken? Coat your chicken with bread crumbs and enjoy teh crispy texture. 

1. Fried Chicken

Try adding bread crumbs to your soups and enjoy the perfect thick flavour. 

2. Tomato Soup

Not only chicken but you can also add that extra crunch to your vegetarian cutlets by coating them in bread crumbs. 

3. Veg Cutlets

Give your pasta a different crunch by simply sprinkling bread crumbs on top of this dish. 

4. Pasta

Want to give your chutney a unique texture? Add breadcrumbs to it. 

5. Chutney

All you have to do is take sides of breads and add them to a grinder and make a coarsy powder. 

How to make it?

Do let us know if you try these tips!