5 Restaurants That Were Shut Down By Abu Dhabi Government Over Safety & Hygiene Issues

Abu Dhabi Agriculture and Food Safety Authority 

ADAFSA is a government body in Abu Dhabi, UAE that carries out food and beverages safety inspection. 

ADAFSA has shut down certain restaurants in Abu Dhabi after inspections due to absence of food safety. 

Maintaining Safety & Hygiene

1. Desi Pak Punjab Restaurant

Where: Musfah area Why: Insect Infestation 


Where: Al Nahyan Why: Insect Infestation

Where: Phoenix Plaza Hotel Apartments Why: Insects, poor hygiene, uncovered and unprotected  meals storage

3. Happiness Grassland Hot Pot & Grill BBQ Restaurant

Where: Zayed The First Street Why:  violation of Law No. (2) of 2008 regarding food 

4. Al Nidham Restaurant

Where: Al Danah Why: presence of rodents & insects


If you notice imported products placed in Local product shelves in supermarkets you need to notify this board. 

ADAFSA Notice For Emiratis

Be informed about food safety and hygiene in the UAE.